Saturday, March 28, 2015

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


A meeting of NFPE Leaders consisting Coms. R.N. Parashar Secretary General , Giriraj Singh , General Secretary-R-III, N. Subramainan General Secretary P-III, R. Seethalaxmi General Secretary P-IV, P. Suresh  General Secretary R-IV , Pranab Bhattacharya General Secretary Admn., T. Satyanarayana General Secretary Postal Accounts, Virendra Tiwari General Secretary AIPSBCOEA, Pandu Ranga Rao General Secretary GDS(NFPE), R. Shivanarayana President P-III, S.K. Bardhan President R-III, S.P. Kulkarni President AIPSBCOEA, Balwinder Singh Treasurer P-III, Manohar Lal  Vice President P-IV, was held with Chairman of 7th CPC Justice A.K. Mathur alongwith Smt. Meena Agrawal , Secretary, Shri Jayanyt Sinha Jt. Secretary , Shri Vivek Rae Member, Shri Y. Shukla, Director, Shri Rajeev Mishra Advisor, Shri Mudit  Mittal Director, at 7th CPC Office Chhatrapati Shivaji Bhawan Qutab Institutional Area , New Delhi.

Com. R.N. Parashar, Secretary General NFPE after welcoming Chairman & other members initiated oral evidence on memorandum submitted by NFPE. He narrated all important points related to Postal, RMS, MMS, Admn, Offices, Postal Accounts, SBCO and GDS issues alongwith Casual Labourers issues. All General Secretaries of NFPE affiliated unions presented their sectional issues very nicely.

The most important thing of this meeting was that Chairman gave a patient hearing on GDS issues. Com. P. Panduranga Rao General Secretary, GDS (NFPE) presented the case of GDS in perfect manner and again submitted a copy of memorandum to Chairman, Hon!ble  Chairman  also gave positive assurances on most of the issues.

Meeting was ended in a very co-ordial environment.

Meeting for Oral Evidence called with the  Seventh pay commission  was held today (25th March 2015) with NFPE Federation at Conference Room 1st Floor, B-14/A, Chatrapati Shivaji Bhawan, Qutub Institutional Area New Delhi. The following representative of NFPE were present:-

1. Com. R.N. Parasar                           Secretary General NFPE
2. Com. Giriraj Singh                           General Secretary R-3
3. Com. N. Subraminian                      General Secretary P-3
4. Com. R.Seethalakshmi                     General Secretary P-IV
5. Com. P. Suresh                                General Secretary R-IV
6. Com. Pranab Bhattacharjee              General Secretary-Admn
7. Com. T. Satyanarayana                    General Secretary Postal Account
8. Com. Virandra Tiwari                      General Secretary SBCO
9. Com. Panduranga Rao                     General Secretary GDS (NFPE
10. Com. Shivanarayana                      President P-3
11. Com. S. K.Bardhan                                    President R-3
12. Com. Balvindar Singh                    Finance Secretary P-3
13. Com. Manohar Lal Sen                  Vice President P-4
14. Com. S. P. Kulkarni                                   President SBCO
15. Com. K.P.Singh                             AGS –R-3

Team of Pay Commission was as under:-
1 Chairman                                          Justice Hon’ble A.K.Mathur
2 Member                                            Sh. Vivek Rai
3. Secretary                                          Ms Meena Agarwar
4. Joint Secretary                                 Sh. Jayant Sinha
5. Advisor                                            Sh. Rajiv Mishra
6. Director                                           Sh. Mudit Mittal
7. Director                                           Sh. Y. Shukla